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William Diaz, also known as vvill, is an American DJ, Producer and Entrepreneur who was born and raised in Los Angeles. He is most known for his range in electronic dance music. William Diaz developed his passion for music at a very young age while attending after school programs and summer camps for arts. As a child, William Diaz learned to play guitar but was always interested in electronic music and fascinated by music festivals. In his early teenage years, William Diaz learned how to DJ and developed his alias ‘vvill’ as a shorthand for will. He was inspired by the festival culture after attending EDC, Ultra, and Coachella. Eventually, William Diaz dropped out of business school at Cal State Northridge to pursue entrepreneurship, where he would start his advertising agency. William Diaz exited his agency, vvill in 2022 where he would then pursue music full time. William Diaz now resides in Miami, Florida.


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